Yokohama Event Support Announced for Canadian Rally Championship

Yokohama Event Support Announced for Canadian Rally Championship

Yokohama Event Support Announced for Canadian Rally Championship

FRIDAY MAY 21, 2010 – Yokohama Tire (Canada) Inc., the Official Series Supporters of the Canadian Rally Championship, announced today an exclusive program to supply on-event tire mounting and support services at all rounds of the 2010 Canadian Rally Championship. Starting at the Rocky Mountain Rally in Calgary, AB on May 28-29, 2010, the Yokohama Event Support program will see Yokohama Event Support trucks at rally venues, service and pit areas at all rounds of the Canadian Rally Championship.

“As part of our sponsorship of the highly successful Canadian Rally Championship, we have an exclusive space reserved for the Yokohama Event Support trucks at all service areas and locations where the rallies will take place,” explained Jonathan Karelse, National Marketing Manager at Yokohama Tire (Canada) Inc. “This will allow all teams interested in running Yokohama tires to get a first hand opportunity to try the same tires which have won multiple Canadian and North American rally titles.”

The program is designed to include significant cost savings for competitors. “For teams that sign up in advance, it will allow them to bring empty rims to events, and they can select the right tires to mount, at the right time, on an as-needed basis. There will be no more need for top teams to bring 30 wheels to each event and try to second-guess the weather. With the diverse conditions experienced in the Canadian Rally Championship, this can be a deciding factor in the results at the end of the year.”

The program will be delivered through official Yokohama Event Support trucks, which will be present at all staging, service and pit areas in the Canadian Rally Championship. Services provided will include mounting and dismounting of Yokohama tires, balancing (if required), tire supply, on-event compound selection for teams who have signed up in advance, and tire selection and cutting advise. All of these services will be offered at exclusive discounted prices for licensed teams in the 2010 Canadian Rally Championship.

The Yokohama Event Support program will be administered by Rocket Rally Racing, of Squamish, BC, the leading independent Yokohama Motorsports tire distributor in Western Canada. Rocket Rally is the same organization that has built and run the championship-winning rally cars for multi-time Canadian, American and North American Rally Champion Patrick Richard.

All team inquiries and questions regarding the program including sign up, registration and pre-orders should be sent via email to or by calling toll free to 1-866-809-5125.

Spanning the country from the shores of Quebec’’s Gaspe region to the mountains of interior B.C., the Canadian Rally Championship has been televised nationally since 1993, and is made available for viewing on multiple media platforms, including as downloads from iTunes, on-line on Flat Over Crest ( and to 80 million homes in Europe on MotorsTV. Nationally each event is televised multiple times in both English and French on TSN and RDS respectively. Yokohama has been a supporter of rally motorsport in Canada for more than a decade.

Yokohama Tire (Canada) Inc. markets and distributes a full line of tires for high performance, passenger car, light truck, and commercial truck applications, as well as off-the-road tires for mining, forestry and construction applications. It maintains distribution centres across Canada to serve more than 700 independent tire dealers and more than 2,000 retail locations.